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Case IH Precision

Vetter Equipment Precision Farming
The American farmer is the most efficient in the world. With that being said we need to utilize the tools and technology that are available to keep us efficient and profitable. At Vetter Equipment we have the tools and technology to keep you efficient and profitable. Whether you are looking for automated or assisted steering system, GPS correction signals, combine row guidance, or product and section control. Maybe you are looking for variable rate application technology; nozzle by nozzle control, mapping software, or a complete data organization and variable rate farming package we have the system. It doesn't matter if you have red, blue, green, or yellow equipment we have the solution that you are looking for with our AFS products, Precision Planting products, Headsight products, Capstan products and our partnership with Farmers Edge.

Vetter Equipment is your precision farming solutions dealer. Here at Vetter Equipment we are keeping up to date in today’s ever evolving agricultural technology. We have a dedicated team of well trained and experienced Precision Farming Specialists that can assist you with your precision farming needs and questions. Our specialists are here to help find the best fit precision farming solution for your ever growing and evolving farming operation. After purchase we provide one on one in field training at the time of installation to provide a smooth startup. Here at Vetter Equipment we also provide seasonal clinics to refresh your knowledge on your precision farming equipment.

Vetter Equipment Precision Farming Solutions:

OEM AFS Precision Farming Products and Solutions:


Pro 700 Display
The AFS Pro 700 provides single point interface of machine control and precision farming functions.
  • Performance and productivity monitoring
  • Automated Steering (Accu-Guide, Accu-Guide All Makes)
  • Assisted Steering (Electric Steer)
  • Accu-Guide and Electric Steer Guidance patterns (Heading, Straight, Multi-Swath, Curve, Field, Spiral, Circle)
  • Product and Section Control OEM (planters, sprayers, precision air drills)
  • Product and Section Control after market (Accu-Control, ISOBUS Task Controller)
  • 3 Cameras
  • Yield Monitoring
  • Variety Tracking
  • Row Guide
  • Advanced Planter Monitoring (Accu-Stat, ASI)
  • Automated headland turning (Accu-Turn)

AFS AccuGuide Steering

Steering Products
AFS AccuGuide is an automated steering system available factory installed or installed on Case IH guidance ready vehicles by your Case IH dealer and utilizes the AFS Pro 700 display.
  • Factory vehicle with Nav II or Nav III, Pro 700 and 372 receiver
  • Available on Steigers, Magnums, Puma, Maxxum, Combine, Sprayer, Swather, Floaters, Optum, Sugarcane harvesters and Cotton Pickers
  • Guidance Patterns: Heading, Straight, Curve, Multi-Swath, Field, Curve, and Spiral
  • Accu-Guide tractors (Tier 4a and Newer) can utilize Accu-Turn
  • Accu-Guide can be installed older tractors, combines and sprayers check for compatibility.

Accu-Guide All Makes
  • Plumb an older Case IH tractor or competitive tractor for hydraulic steering and use the Pro 700, Nav II and 372 receiver.

AFS ElectriSteer

Electric Steer
An autoguidance solution that allows easy integration into existing equipment that doesn't currently have factory installed autoguidance capabilities. The motor drive unit that mounts to the steering wheel features a high-torque, positive-gear drive that provides whisper-quiet operation even in the most demanding of vehicles.
  • Assisted Steering product for use with the Pro 700
  • For vehicles that have not been plumbed with Accu-Guide or Accu-Guide All Makes
  • Many approved vehicles (combines, tractors, sprayers)
  • Easily tranfers to another vehicle for different operations.
  • Works with many different brands of vehicles

GPS Recievers

Electric Steer
From Yield Mapping down to sub-inch accuracy we have the right technology to suit your needs.
  • One of the key components to data management
  • Easily transfers between vehicles
  • Multiple models available
  • Up to sub inch accuracy

Correction Signals
Electric Steer

AFS Product Control

AFS Product Control
From shutting off inividual rows of seed, down to vairiable rate application of fertilizer, controlling the amount of product being applied is key to keeping costs in check.
  • Reduce input costs
  • Apply only where product is needed
  • Avoid over-application in unwanted areas
  • ISOBUS available that works with multiple displays

AFS RowGuide

AFS RowGuide
  • Row Guide fits Case IH 2200-4400 series corn head.
  • Requires a display unlock which is transferrable
  • Row Guide unlock will work with Pro 600 and Pro 700

Information Management

AFS Data Management
Managing your data is key to realizing changing trends in agruculture and how it affects you and your land. Using that information is key to increasing your R.O.I.
  • Take Control of you records
  • AFS View: Free downloadable software, keep track of field maps (yield, planting, variety tracking)
  • AFS Mapping and Records:
    • Create overlays of current and past seasons soil maps, as applied (planting, fertilizing) data, harvest data, and machine performance data to plan next year's crop production cycle.
    • Create management zones and prescriptions for variable rate application.
    • Variety Tracking
    • As Applied maps
    • Record products applied to field
    • Import UAV crop images


Real time data is essetial in planning fertilizer prescriptions and pest or disease management. You now have that ability to simply map and analyze you land on a need to know basis.
  • Scan and scout fields (detect plant health problems, plant stand assessment)
  • Drone Deploy App allows for hands free flying
  • App allows you to set up flight plan (height, direction, and picture overlap)
  • Included is a 1 year subscription to Drone Deploy software
  • Upload field images to Drone deploy
  • Once images are processed you will get a high definition picture of the field and you will get a Crop health map
  • Field images can be exported via shape file into AFS software (or equivalent) to create variable rate prescriptions for nitrogen, pesticides, or other nutrient application.

AFS Service Plans

Electric Steer
AFS Service Plans are designed to fit your farms individual needs.

Plans can include:
  • AFS Specialist phone support
  • Email updates and bulletins
  • Software upgrades (as needed)
  • Mapping and Data Transfer
  • On farm AFS Specialist Support (including AFS product familiarization, calibration and setup)
  • UAV access for mapping and scouting